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Handmade paper at BG is manufactured from a mixture of cotton rags, jute rags, waste paper and rayon silk waste. It is to be appreciated that any of the raw materials that is used in handmade paper manufacture is a waste of some form and requires careful preparation before being put to use. The jute rags after cleaning and washing is cooked in a digester with caustic soda.

The rags are then beaten and refined in a valley beater in mixture with other raw materials added in the required proportions. The beater man after evaluating the amount of refining decides to unload the batch when the pulp is eady for paper making. The refined pulp is bleached if required and dyed to the desired shades. The entire pulping process in a hand paper mill is a batch process.

The ready pulp is now taken to the vats for paper making. Here the pulp is spread on specially designed wooden moulds immersed in water inside a ssel known as the vat. This speading of pulp is a highly skilled process and are excuted with religious devotion by experienced artisans known as vat men. The mould is then lifted out of the water and a wet web of sheet is formed on the mould. The wet web is couched on to special woolen felts.

This entire process of paper web formation is manual and hence the name handmade paper. These wet webs are piled up and pressed in a hydraulic press to squeeze out the water. They are then dried by natural means under shade.The dried sheets are calendered to provide a smooth printable surface to the sheet. The sheets which have uneven edges are trimmed to the specified size. Sometimes the uneven edges are retained as per customer requirement.